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Within the field of retail sales, merchandiser jobs include whatever work needs to be done with the merchandise once the store buyer purchases the products. Often merchandise jobs are found through a specific vendor, like a soda, potato chip or magazine company, although the employees work within a large volume department or retail store that carries many other vendor brands. The merchandiser is responsible for stocking, maintaining and rotating the goods so that they are fresh and appealing to the customers. However, there is generally no interaction with the customers by way of service or sales, but rather responding to complaints or requests through the retail facility.

Merchandiser careers can start entry level and may require special certification, depending on the hiring company, as well as a valid driver's license. The bulk of merchandiser employment includes heavy labor, with the loading, lifting and organizing of goods from the warehouse into the company truck or van, and then the same treatment of the product once at the store destination. Some companies may require a physical capability evaluation, as well as a clean driving record.

Merchandiser work can also include clothing and higher end products. In the case of clothing, the merchandiser is responsible for setting up store displays and keeping the items clean and pressed. There is also seasonal shifting of clothes, and determining which items should be reduced in price or sent to other stores for potential sales. With all merchandiser jobs, the vendor predetermines the product specifications and the employees are trained accordingly.

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