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A form of direct marketing, telemarketing jobs are a critical point of reference for organizations and businesses. These careers usually involve associates contacting prospective customers by phone to make sales pitches for products or services. Alumni associations, political parties, and charitable organizations all utilize telemarketing to some extent to reach their targeted prospects. There are two main focuses for this form of direct marketing. Some telemarketers only target other businesses to complete sales pitches while others focus on business to consumer relationships to promote their particular brand. Lead generation, sales, outbound, and inbound telemarketing categories exist to organize the process by which the products or services are pitched to the consumer or business. A successful telemarketing process often includes two or more calls. The first series of calls is normally set in place to determine the customer's needs. The second series of calls are placed to sell the specific product or service that fits the customer's needs.

Jobs in telemarketing require patience and superior communication skills since there is often a negative perception of telemarketing work. Job seekers should also make inquiries to have an understanding of what duties are required for the position. Usually only previous experience with telemarketing jobs or a high school degree are the only required qualifications by most employers to attain a telemarketing position. Having a background in sales would also compliment the skills needed for a telemarketing job. Telemarketing employment has been curved by criticisms of the field and stricter government regulations.

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