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Skilled trades supervisor jobs are in place to ensure that their staff workers are operating efficiently, as well as the tools, machinery, and equipment that they use. Planning requests for supplies and equipment replacement are also common tasks of supervisor jobs. Evaluating work performance of other managers and their own staff, supervisors delegate tasks and make sure deadlines are met. Working standard 40 hour work weeks, supervisors may have to work evenings, nights, and weekends to accomplish their goals.

The minimum educational and training requirement for supervisor employment is an associate's or bachelor's degree in a related field of business. Many employers tend to hire individuals for supervisor jobs that are great leaders, have an excellent eye for detail, exhibit superb interpersonal communication skills, have previous experience managing a staff, and have a good understanding of a company's organizational structure and their role. Exceeding expectations with a supervisor job can lead to advancement to higher management positions with the establishment.

Holding around 1.4 million jobs in 2006, supervisor careers are found in almost every industry. Banks, wholesalers, retail establishments, business service firms, health care facilities, and insurance companies employ the most supervisors. Prospective job seekers will face a sizable amount of competition for supervisory positions as it is expected that potential job candidates will outnumber job opportunities. Additional job openings will result from professionals that need to be replaced because they opted to switch to a different career or leave the work force entirely.    

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