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Summer jobs are seasonal employment opportunities that are generally obtained by students during the summer break months of May through September. However, jobs in summer months can also be attributed to an increased need in recreation facilities, amusement parks and resorts that focus on summertime activities like camping, hiking and water sports. Within these environs, any working age person can be hired, with a current emphasis on students, baby boomers and retirees.

The traditional summer job is held by high school and college students during their annual break. This is the time when companies and resort locations that serve vacationers need extra help within lodging, restaurants, campgrounds, pools and beaches. These include camp counselor jobs and lifeguard jobs. Summer is also the time when children are out of school but parents still need to work. Many summer programs answer this need through specialized classes, held for a few days, weeks or the whole summer, focusing on science, music, cheerleading and any other emphasis in which school aged children find interest.

For the high school student, summer jobs can be found through the school counselor, employment classifieds, or by going door-to-door at retail shops, restaurants, and other high traffic locations. Once in college, the students generally try to find a position that will add to the work within their major, and can include paid or non-paid internships. At times, these internships can work towards college credit and look great on paper for the experience level. College students can obtain internships through their advisor, employment classifieds, or Internet research.

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