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Machinist jobs produce large quantities of metal parts. They have a knowledge of metals and machine tools that lets them craft products to specific requirements. First reviewing blueprints, workers make calculations that determine where, how much, and how fast the work piece needs to be cut. Once the materials are selected for the cutting process the work piece is marked where it needs to be cut. After those needs are met, the actual machining work is done and the machine's feed rate and speed are taken into close consideration since the work piece may need to be realigned and lubricated properly.

There are dangers that are associated with the machine operation. There are several safety precautions that need to be adhered to. Safety glasses and earplugs would be basic safety measurements for machinist work. Having physical dexterity will enable a person to be comfortable standing for long hours on their feet operating the machine.

Individuals that are able to work independently, are mechanically inclined, and have good problem solving skills will have success at a machinist job. There are efforts to create national standards and skills that were developed by the National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS). Since the employment rates are affected by the economy, machinist employment is expected to still be prominent once the economy gains more strength according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Machinist careers will allow you to gain more experience and possibly shift to other career paths like tool and die makers, CNC programmers, or to an administration position.

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