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Material movers are often distinguished in two different categories that entail how their job is done. Operators use different types of mechanical equipment to move heavy assembly materials around construction sites. They also ensure that their machinery in which they operate is in working order by making adjustments, routine inspections, and simple repairs if necessary. Laborers physically lift, carry, and move materials by hand. Both types of workers load and unload materials from trucks and can be physically demanding. Irregular shifts are common and may involve overnight shifts.

Material mover jobs have no specific educational or training requirements but they are generally at least 18 years of age and learn their skills informally through on the job training overseen by managers, supervisors, or more experienced co workers. Crane operators can become certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators but only 15 States and six cities require this credential. Exceptional performance with a material mover job can lead to supervisor or managerial position.

With nearly 4.8 million material mover workers employed in 2006 a large portion of workers were employed within the wholesale or retail trade industries with manufacturing closely following. A less than favorable outlook is expected for material mover jobs. Although this will be mainly due to automation, there will still be opportunities for prospective job seekers that will be needed to operate the automated equipment. Additional material mover job openings will be due to the need to replace workers that transfer to other jobs or leave the work force entirely. 

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