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Stock clerk jobs are those behind-the-scenes positions that keep a retail facility ready for business. A stock clerk job can be temporary, seasonal or full-time, depending on the volume and rotation of the merchandise within the store or distribution point. Many stock clerk jobs require computer skills, as well as working with light to heavy machinery in accordance with the stock room needs. The typical stock job includes accuracy in filing, record keeping and typing to ensure the products are logged correctly.

Stock clerks receive the merchandise that was purchased by the store buyer, and inspect it for accuracy and quality before unpacking the items and logging them into the system. Then, they organize it according to the store's system, which often includes coding the items for inventory control. Depending on the size of the facility and volume of the merchandise, some store clerks may have one task while others run the gamut from product reception to preparing it for the sales floor. Once on the sales floor, they may be responsible for keeping the items stacked and full, or work with the customers to hold and ship merchandise.

Depending on the demand of the store, the stock clerks may work evening and weekend shifts when it is closed to the general public. During seasonal periods of high demand or store merchandise rotation, stock clerks will often work overnight to get the merchandise switched out quickly while the facility is closed to the public. Stock clerks can often rise within the facility to the positions as manager or even inventory control, if the store is large enough.

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