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Cashier Jobs

Cashier jobs are one of the most prevalent employment opportunities out there. Every retail facility has a need for one, so cashier employment is easy to find within stores, movie theaters, restaurants and gaming facilities. Cashier work is generally entry-level and requires no previous experience. Most cashiers are trained on the job due to specific register systems and ways in which the facility enters in the information. The typical cashier job starts at minimum wage, but can rise in pay depending on added responsibilities or tenure within the company.

Cashier careers are most lucrative within the gaming industry, going under the guise of booth cashiers or change persons within a casino. They give winner's payoffs, and change out tokens for coins. In order to work within a casino, there is generally an age requirement of 21, due to the prevalence of alcohol, and there is specific gaming board licensure and background check performed by the state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly pay in May 2006 for casinos was $11.64, with traveler accommodation cashiers following close second.

About 25 percent of cashier jobs are found within beverage and food stores, with department stores, retail facilities, gas stations and restaurants employing the remaining bulk of the cashiers. Other industries include government, laundry services, recreation and amusement parks. Cashier work can be found seasonally, as temporary work or a second job. It is important that the cashier is comfortable working with large amounts of money, and can think mathematically and analytically. Good customer service is often a requirement as well.

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