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The retail industry is one of the largest hourly employment fields that can also lead to a salaried position. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, retail jobs are expected to steadily rise over 10 percent in the next eight years. Most of the retail sales jobs are in department stores and other heavily frequented areas, and the nature of jobs in retail is very flexible due to the extended shopping day and weekend hours. This also leads to higher turnover, making cashier jobs readily available as a full-time, part-time, second or seasonal job.

There are many more behind-the-scenes opportunities in retail other than the traditional sales associate jobs or stock clerk jobs, including retail buyer jobs. One of the best-paid retail manager jobs, buyer jobs are generally office jobs held during the traditional business hours. These merchandiser jobs keep the store brand or franchise up-to-date with seasonal and trendy goods. Although most of the larger chains require a college degree to get into this line of work, many companies promote from within through assistant buyer jobs.

Another non-traditional retail position is that of loss prevention jobs, which is basically working as a store detective. Generally one-third of those in this line of work are self-employed, and come from backgrounds in the military, law enforcement or government intelligence jobs. The work environment can be dangerous and can vary from store location to surveillance work, depending on the need of the store.

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